Well boys and gays, I finally jumped back to Chrome on macOS for a reason. Uh..yay?!

A few months ago when I started to fully adopt macOS as my alter ego platform, I've made a big decision by putting my self-signed trust (not the SSL cert, but my mental acceptance) on Safari and I think it's one of the great, if not, macOS only exclusive web browser. I see it as Edge from Windows but a step better. In terms of energy efficiency, oh boy I do like the optimization and how much more effing less battery it consume overtime.

But Safari is actually limiting me when I go back to Windows. That's right. I have a fully functioning multi-thousands ringgit gaming rig that run on Windows which I touch and caress everyday. Some might ask, how the ef Safari limiting you? Well bookmarks. Like, effing bookmarks. To me, it's super duper important and I have a problem with getting my bookmarks synchronized perfectly. Yes I already have the iCloud bookmarks thing for Chrome on Windows to get my Safari bookmarks sync across but this stupid jail won't sync to locally installed Chrome on macOS. Which in my opinion, is the single most stupid thing ever. It's technically inefficient to manually manage your Safari bookmarks and copy it over to your Chrome on the same friggin MacBook. To make things worst, for some effing reason, old my bookmarks, like literally 300-400 bookmarks are gone in just a snap after I decided to get Chromium (not Chrome) running. Tried to look for it on my Google Account, couldn't find or restore any as NONE available. I f-up.

Now again, some might ask or say "Isn't Chrome is like your furnace in winter where it will heat up your bla bla bla and drain your bla bla bla". I know! I tried it before, like 7 months ago and it totally jerk my battery away. So before getting Chrome, I purposely look for some post in forums or any article about Chrome 67 eating up battery and ram and what not. Then I found a Google forum post stating that there's a bug on higher cpu usage, battery consumption and ram consumption on whatever particular Chrome 67 release at that time and the devs are on the way fixing it bla bla bla. I say, hey, maybe that will fix the root issue too! So I downloaded Chrome 67 and compare the release version with the original forum poster, and it's indeed already updated and fixed. I gave it a try, 2 weeks past at the time I'm typing this, and so far I can say, my battery last long enough and I'm pretty happy! Although the cpu and ram usage by Chrome is still a bit ridiculous but hey if you understand why each of the web browser tab needed to be sandboxed, you'll understand why.

Long story short, my Windows, my MacBook and my iPhone have to lick the wraith of Google's very own illuminati web browser, the friggin Chrome. Everything seems to be good except the part where I still can't set my default browser on my iPhone. Come on, 2018 you twat Apple with that degenerate anti-consumer mind!

p.s: And also, I'm starting to write up my solo New Zealand trip itinerary which will be happening next week on the 17th July. Wee!