It's been awhile since my last post. I've been busy with work and getting back from reality is quite hard ever since the amazing New Zealand trip a few months ago. In fact, the post about my travel journey or you may call it travel log is not yet finished and I'm queuing up for another trip this January.

What's going on? Well, everything. Quite occupied with overdue project and then off hours I'm busy with gaming/sleep and what not. I'll try to put up some content soon because why not? And also, my previous vps provider f me up over the support. I lost access to my shell and literally today I migrated my blog to another provider manually. Luckily it's only a few posts and pictures. I'm still thinking about my current setup, which the server is located in the United States vs my previous where I put it in Hong Kong. Due to the fact that United States is too far, I set this up with active Cloudflare caching and delivery network. So it should be not affected and pinging my blog will give lower ms.

That aside, I also decided to move my blog to No longer since there's nothing else to make use of. Old post redirection is up and you'll get to read everything even the link from social media is still the old one.

That is pretty much it for this. I'll get back to blogging soon.