It's been quite a while since my last post. Well actually I have 2 post drafted and I don't even know if I want to keep it anymore. Just out of shape to do some logging and I'm mostly expressing everything through verbal communication, yeah I mean, Mixer stream! Any way this is a heads up to tell you guys that I'm still here and thanks for those who asking for a place to get into the music stream without registering or having to load gazillion of stuff directly on Mixer page.

So I've made (actually made it 2-3 weeks ago on other website) a page with scheduling on. The music stream will come and go automatically based on your local time and my music streaming time. So 12-15 hours music stream daily to fill your addiction. Bookmark it!

Mixer Synthwave Radio
Radio station operation time:- * Monday-Friday : 10AM-4AM (PT) / 1PM-7AM (EST) * Saturday: 12PM-4AM (PT) / 3PM-7AM (EST) * Sunday: 8AM-4AM (PT) / 11AM-7AM (EST) The music stream will auto hide/show based on the schedule above.