A few months (sort of) ago I explained the reason why I didn't go anywhere this year around on Hari Raya and this is the reason. #BalikKampung #RayaDahHabis

I'm saving my cash (not a lot) for my own personal (not with family) trip to the most amazing place in planet ball. Well, for me at least. I really enjoy the time, calmness and peace while visiting this land of Tolkien's fantasies, Lord of The Ring. Uh, I mean, the scenery. Not the movies. The movies are fantastic, don't get me wrong, thou. Eh but wait, that's north island 🤔 while I'm traveling the south island 🤔

Why FUGGGGGIN New Zealand again?
Boy, I don't know why. I just wanted to go there, again and again. It will be a lovely 10 days trip, and pretty much I'm using my own itinerary v2 (updated from last year itinerary - which also made by me alone). Since this time there's no one going to slow me down along the trip, I'll go hike in the freezing cold weather to some glacier valley around Mount Cook.

Because this time I'm on a budget trip, so I'm taking the cheapest option available. From Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast, and from there I'll go to Auckland. From Auckland I'll take domestic flight to Christchurch. It will take me around 12 hours 25 minutes plus around 6 hours layover in total. Not the worst, only 18 hours+. My longest flight record was 16 hours flight plus 5 hours layover. My longest layover record was 23 hours plus 9 hours flight!


All in, RM1700. Should've been RM1400 but I forgot about AirAsia luggage addon. Since it's a connecting flight, I have to pay AirAsia twice for the 20kg luggage option. Bummer.

About a week ago, I'm a bit worried because the weather is a bit rough, was expecting 25-70cm of Snow at my camp site, which is totally gonna rekt my campervan deep inside the snow with no one to help me. Luckily enough, that blizzard is kinda shifted 2 days forward, which I might be already at somewhere else at that time.

Ground Transportation
Everything arranged and hooked up by Apollo RV, bought under MotorHome Republic with a nice RM1600 bill charged to my empty wallet. I'll be driving this Endeavour Camper that can fit 4 people but too bad, I'm the only one inside 🤣. Fuel cost estimation around RM1500 and I'm officially bankrupt. Think of it, when you travel in 4, it would be average RM1000/person which is super reasonable. Because one of my friend is living in Wellington and don't have plan to join so far, and another friend couldn't join me because his wife you know..gonna deliver something this month? Ehem. And one last friend, he actually bail out at the very last minute. He paid for his flight ticket and now already canceled the trip because of financial status.


My flight scheduled this night. Yup, today the 17th. Godspeed who got speed? This is New Zealand trip Season 3. #BalikKampung