Mojave is real! And it will be available this fall. Here are the changes that I managed to take note while watching WWDC earlier.

Dark mode


Couldn't say anything more, it's what it is!

Dynamic wallpaper
Well this one, the only demo I see is the changes of the Mojave wallpaper from morning to night accordingly. Neat.

Desktop Stacks
Now messy desktop can be clutter free by choosing the new Stacks sorting thing and it will stack different types of file into their own category. You can scrub between given category to see what's in and after that you can drag the scrubbed view into your documents easily.

Now we get new view in Finder. It's called gallery. There's that. Plus, you'll get new contextual pane on the right side so you can quickly do some changes through it without having to open or quicklook it.

You can do markup from quicklook now. That's cool!

Unexpected! They did some update to it and this time around you'll get some new context tool, sort of, so you can do more with it, less shortcut. With that, they also introduced video recording so you can record your screen!


This is something I found to be one of the best feature to help me with documenting stuff. You can now choose to take picture/selfie using your phone. For example, you want to put your receipt picture, or some selfie to your document, you can just straight away take the picture using your iPhone and walla, it will show up on your document.

You'll get a few new apps on macOS. That would be News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home. Nothing much else to say. I love getting the News app though.

Security & Privacy
More control on your privacy, which is good. Safari got a new permission control for comments/ads section of the webpage. Apparently, this is something like 'do not track' feature from your favorite Ads Block plugin.


Fingerprinting now obfuscate your machine, so website couldn't differ your from the rest. You'll look the same and less personalization towards your unique browsing activity.

macOS App Store
Wooohoo! The App Store is now with a brand new design. Looks more like the iOS App Store but who cares, it's better than the current one! You'll get the Discover tab, and plenty other tabs that help you to look more into specifics.

Review/Rating is now whole lot better. You'll get to rate the app from a window popup just like the one in iOS. Plus, MS Office 365 is coming to the App Store, no more using Homebrew Cask! and also Lightroom CC.

The graphic department now get some exciting update. Metal now got eGPU support which will support boosting your graphic processing better moreover on the weaker MacBook Pro 13-inch.

Create ML
Some AI stuff. Nothing much.

macOS is iOS Now?
No. macOS not going to be iOS. But iOS app will be available on macOS, developer can do this starting from 2019. Apparently those 4 apps I mention above is coming from iOS.

And More
Some more optimization and addition that they just lazily put at the end.

  • Answer with FaceTime audio
  • App recents in Dock
  • International Keyboard Improvements
  • Security code AutoFill
  • Mail emoji picker
  • Mail suggested folder
  • Font Collections
  • Automatic strong password
  • Faster CSS selectors
  • Improved HDD improvements
  • Favicons in Safari tabs (FINALLY!)
  • New login window
  • New save panel
  • New open panel
  • UI language parity
  • W3C Web Driver
  • Improved CSS color support
  • APFS for fusion and HDD
  • Faster wake from sleep
  • Password reuse auditing in Safari
  • Automator shortcuts in Touch Bar
  • OpenType-SVG fonts

If you want more immerse experience, you can check everything I mentioned above here.