I just realized that "Coming This Fall" is quite a far distance. September! Couldn't wait to get my hand on both iOS 12 and macOS 10.14. Sole reason, I love updates.

By the night, I'm still with my 9000 horsepower Windows gaming rig, and every other time I'll keep on updating my system from the OS all the way to BIOS update. Why? Just updates, especially the security updates. It's very important so that some weird shit wont run arbitrary code and what not. And of course! New features, latest and greatest.

Anyway nothing much to get form the iOS 12 except for the Grouped Notifications. Like finally, 11 years for them to think about it. I don't really remember back then when I was using the iPod 4th Gen and iPad 2, was Grouped Notifications a thing? For macOS 10.14, every single new aspect about is truly appreciated, by me. From dark mode to better screenshot tool and I bet they come with a lot of improvements.

What I know now is starting from macOS 10.14, it will be fully powered by Metal whereas current macOS is with a mix of OpenGL and Metal. That's why some older device won't support High Sierra and now Mojave. There's no way for the hardware to run along with Metal. What's the good about this? Well, probably less glitch on your screen, better performance and even perhaps cooler temperature. Man, you don't know how hot this 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch could be.

Dreaming about getting the dark mode in High Sierra, I found Dark-Mode in homebrew and it's quite a neat little tweak to have. But not for the windows UI. Only for the pane, dock and spotlight. There's that.


Just open up terminal and install it through homebrew.

homebrew install dark-mode

sauce: https://github.com/sindresorhus/dark-mode

Don't forget to activate/toggle it and most importantly, get yourself a nice night Mojave wallpaper.