Hi! It's been awhile since my last post and today I just want to share something that I think is a smart move for microsite like me to do. I recently move out from any paid services to something really self hosted.

I'm running my blog on my Rock64, hosted at home. Why? First of all, the only reason is to save money because why not? It's something that I have and doesn't have any true purpose yet, but I realized, what if I just host it on my SBC (single board computer) and enjoy it to the fullest. Well technically, it will run 100% cpu (fullest - haha) if I got hammered by thousands of request every time. But's that's not the case. With cloudflare, I can totally handle this.

Rock64 is rather small yet powerful sbc and mine particularly comes with 4 cores and 4GB of ram, which is sweet enough for my blog. I'm totally amazed with this. Low powered but yet powerful enough for microsite and imagine what can a stack of sbc can do? I know people might be asking, isn't it limited on storage, slow sdcard performance or even eMMC. Well, you can just install the system image on an external drive. That's what I did and I'm having sweet 1TB hdd on it just incase I don't have enough space for blog content :P. Not just that, I can swap it with SSD if I need more speed. With 1 gigabit port on this sbc, I can fully utilize my home broadband to the fullest what it can do and it might be an overkill. 500mbit on a sbc? Sounds right to me.

While Rock64 is running on ARM, it might limit you with some task you needed to be done on it, and also loosing the ability to use sqlite3 is something that you have to keep in mind. But ARM MariaDB is not a bad choice since it's also quite optimized I must say. I'm still, trying to figure out how can I mix this setup with sqlite3. Is docker a nice option?

Anyway, nothing else to say, keep on hammering my little gem and probably you guys might break my sbc :))