I've been dealing with high cholesterol since 2012. Due to my physical condition which my metabolism rate is considerably high, I won't gain any fat unless I eat proper diet consisting of at least 4000+ calories per day. Not the exact figure but that is what I got from my fitnesspal thing. So being slim and shady the whole time is quite an exquisite experience I can say. Not having any problem to drive myself for a marathon and have significant amount of stamina to hike myself up the mountains due to my low BMI.

My eating habit? I usually eat more than average people like me eat. For example, 2-3 more portions compared to normal. You take a plate with 100g of rice, I'd take 300g or more. You get the idea. But that depends on the food itself. Because you see, I don't really like typical Malay food with Sambal or sauces and what not. I prefer more to simple plain white rice with meat, or chicken or you name any other thing that is simple and halal enough 🤔.

But that changed around a year ago where I think I should stop eating too much rice and start eating more meat and veges. Because I'm on a specific diet with low sugar/carbohydrates so I wont get to much trouble dealing with diabetes. Imagine 100g of rice equals to 28g of sugar. You cannot hurt yourself so much just for a bellyful of cheap rice. Ever since that, I often substitute rice with potato as often as I can. If no, then I'll just proceed with rice but I have to limit it to half of my abnormal portion. Luckily enough, whenever I go outing with my friends, I'll automatically not in the mood to eat because yeah, probably introvert thing. So that's why some people may be laughing when I tell them about my high cholesterol thing.

Speaking about high cholesterol, this is the buzz kill. Because I can't get fat easily, and constant pressure from my friends or strangers saying "you should eat more" but little do they know, I eat more than them most of the time, now I'm dealing with quite a serious symptom of my life. For the first time I can see on my eyes, the very self descriptive illness for the young people, Arcus Juvenilis.

There should be no doubt about it. Some might say it might be other thing but the thing is I know how I eat and genetically I also follow my mother's trait of having high cholesterol. Well, nothing too sad. I still have time to revise what I'm eating. And I do exercise regularly. Eating frenzy like 500g+ of meat in just one time should stop, buffet should stop. I need more fish in my life, more soy milk and more veges.

After all, you're what you eat.